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Date of Birth: May 22, 1979 in Grodno, Belarus

Tatiana was accepted into art school

After school graduation, she studied at the Grodno State University at the Faculty of Law

After Tatiana graduated college, she worked at City Hall Archive in Grodno City Executive Committee

From 2005-2007 Tatiana lived and worked in Rome, Italy

After returning home from Italy, she worked for some time at the City Hall Archive In present day, Tatiana works as an artist 


2017- national exhibition “God, Honor, Fatherland” Warsaw, Poland.

2018- open air exhibition “Early Spring on Narva” Pultusk, Poland. 

2018- national exhibition “God, Honor, Fatherland” Gdansk, Poland. 

2018- 3rd All-Belarussian art exhibition “I Monet, I Shishkin, I Malevich” Grodno, Belarus.

2019- 3rd All-Belarussian art exhibition “I Monet, I Shishkin, I Malevich” Minsk, Belarus.

2019- personal exhibition “Dreams of Spring” Tuchola, Poland.

2019- national exhibition “The Story of Poland Through The Ages” Bialystok, Poland. 

2019- open air national exhibition “Gdansk- Grodno, a common history, common destinies” Gdansk, Poland. 

2019- national exhibition “Historical Figures associated with the Pultusk Castle” Pultusk, Poland. 

2020- 4th All-Belarussian art exhibition “I Monet, I Shishkin, I Malevich” Grodno, Belarus. 


My name is Tatiana Morozova. Since I was born, it took my mom a long time to figure what my name was going to be. However, my dad loved to paint, and he wasn’t bad at it too. So, when my dad came to the maternity hospital to see my mom and I, he handed her a little painting and on it was drawn a little baby carriage, and below was written “Tanya”. I think this was a sign given to me at birth, that in my near future it would be much easier to express my feelings and thoughts through painting, rather than saying them to someone. 

And this began to manifest on itself from my early childhood. I was always drawing. At first where I could get it - on the walls of rooms. Then came albums, and paintings. Every free minute, every day, I painted. When the time came for me to go to school, my parents knew that I had to be sent to art school. These were the most amazing years of my childhood, fabulous lessons based on painting, learning diverse techniques, all taught by such intelligent teachers. 

Unfortunately, when it came time to decide on the choice of my future profession, and the choice of faculty at the university, my parents insisted and persuaded me to go to law school because it gave more opportunities, in their opinion, in my future. Thus, I received higher education at Grodno University and became a lawyer. Despite choosing law over art, I never gave up painting. Whenever I had free time from my schoolwork, I painted. I continued to draw and develop my creative skills on my own. 

After my graduation, I worked, for some time, in the City Hall Archive, but the pay was very little. The impossibility of career growth, boredom, same exact work all the time, and the hated job with paperwork forced me to leave Grodno, and work in another country. 

And this new country was Italy, precisely the city of Rome. It was as if I had traveled to a new world filled with: the bright sun, tremendous amounts of ancient history, green parks, a turquoise sea, but most importantly, people filled with happiness, optimism, and energy. For myself, I chose not the highest paying job - distributing store ads and throwing it in special advertising cassettes. However, this job gave me the opportunity every day to see how the city of Rome wakes up. How the owners of small cafe shops go outside in the mornings to breath in fresh air, how they open the cafes cheerfully and greet every single neighbor. I walked the wonderful streets of Rome, and my mind was constantly remembering all the images, smells, and sounds that filled the city. Entire pictures appeared in my head! And even more, I remember all the amazing, unforgettable, unique natures of Italy - the Mediterranean Sea, little towns, mountains covered with cedar, sunrises and sunsets. I did not have time to draw everything I saw on canvases, but I drew little sketches in my notebook, hoping that when I would get home, I could draw them with my oil paints. 

After returning home for family reasons, I had to work for some time in the specialty I had received from university, as it was economically difficult. I hated this job with paperwork, and having to memorize all the legislation work that had changed every single month in my country by decree. Like always, in my free time I drew, and it was my way of unplugging from the world, and releasing everything that I had built up inside of me onto a canvas. 

Then family life began, and a very important role came into play, my husband. He insisted that I quit my unloved job, and finally go after my dream of becoming a professional artist. 

The past couple years, I have been an artist. Yes, I am a self-taught artist, and a majority of professional artists who have graduated college and art academies look down on me, but I am doing what I love and there is nothing wrong with that. I am happy because I paint and because it is my favorite thing to do on this Earth. I believe I was made for painting. 

I like many different art forms and styles. I like to experiment and see what I can come up with on the spot, try something new. I'm interested in design and fashion trends. I paint mainly oil and acrylic paintings on high-quality canvas. I use many different styles in my paintings, such as: landscape, portrait, still-life, portrait from photos, and much more. I also love painting murals because the sizes are so big and you load the canvas with all you’ve got. 

I try to create my own unique world: a world of shapes, colors and light. My work is a part of me, it reflects my mood, my experiences, my interests. I like to surprise people, I like to see that my works evoke feelings and their own associations, harmony and aesthetic pleasure in them. And as an artist, I am very happy to leave a person content.  I hope you will be interested in my work. 

Tatiana Morozova

Tatiana Morozova

The black Queen The black Queen

The black Queen

$1,058.00 Ex Tax: $1,058.00

Lot Number:00021Name of Artwork:The black QueenAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:20..

Carnival Carnival


$1,173.00 Ex Tax: $1,173.00

Lot Number:00011Name of Artwork:CarnivalAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2020Art T..

Apple Apple


$1,058.00 Ex Tax: $1,058.00

Lot Number:00012Name of Artwork:AppleAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2020Art Tech..

Essence Essence


$759.00 Ex Tax: $759.00

Lot Number:00001Name of Artwork:EssenceAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2018Art Te..

Taming Europe Taming Europe

Taming Europe

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00003Name of Artwork:Taming EuropeAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019..

Fantasy Fantasy


$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00008Name of Artwork:FantasyAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art Te..

Home memories Home memories

Home memories

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00009Name of Artwork:Home memoriesAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019..

Dance Dance


$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00010Name of Artwork:DanceAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art Tech..

Traveler Traveler


$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00006Name of Artwork:TravelerAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art T..

Lady and pelican Lady and pelican

Lady and pelican

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00007Name of Artwork:Lady and pelicanAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2..

Blue morpho Blue morpho

Blue morpho

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00002Name of Artwork:Blue morphoAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2018Ar..

Keep silence Keep silence

Keep silence

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00004Name of Artwork:Keep silenceAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019A..

Autumn face Autumn face

Autumn face

$713.00 Ex Tax: $713.00

Lot Number:00005Name of Artwork:Autumn faceAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Ar..

Freedom Freedom


$1,173.00 Ex Tax: $1,173.00

Lot Number:00014Name of Artwork:FreedomAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art Te..

Three fantasies Three fantasies

Three fantasies

$943.00 Ex Tax: $943.00

Lot Number:00013Name of Artwork:Three fantasiesAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:20..

East-West East-West


$943.00 Ex Tax: $943.00

Lot Number:00015Name of Artwork:East-WestAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2020Art ..

Reflection Reflection


$1,058.00 Ex Tax: $1,058.00

Lot Number:00016Name of Artwork:ReflectionAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art..

Orange dress Orange dress

Orange dress

$1,012.00 Ex Tax: $1,012.00

Lot Number:00019Name of Artwork:Orange dressAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019A..

Moon hunt Moon hunt

Moon hunt

$1,518.00 Ex Tax: $1,518.00

Lot Number:00018Name of Artwork:Moon huntAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2019Art ..

Owls Owls


$1,403.00 Ex Tax: $1,403.00

Lot Number:00020Name of Artwork:OwlsAuthor:Tatiana MorozovaYear of Creation of Artwork:2018Art Techn..

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