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2001-2005 Art school №1 Grodno (Belarus) - Machine tool department

2005-2009 Grodno Polytechnic College (Belarus) - specialty: Architecture

2009-2014 Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala (Belarus) - specialty: Fine arts.


2008 - "Exhibition of young artists of Grodno region", Grodno (Belarus)

2011 - "Scooter Hercules", Lida (Belarus)

2012 - "Scooter Hercules", Lida (Belarus)

2018 - Personal exhibition "Anti-Game", Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Lida (Belarus)


My grandmother told me a family legend about the artist of the Paris school - Pinchus Kremen. That this artist was the lover of her mother - my great-grandmother-in Israel during world war II.

She hinted that she might be the child of love and art. I don't know if it's true that she's the child of this relationship and I'm also the descendant.

But I can say unequivocally that my impulses to draw in the environment of my grandmother were encouraged. She still looks at me with sly eyes when I talk about my exhibitions and it makes me feel warm.

My parents did not encourage this, but according to the traditions of Jewish families: "the word of the eldest mother is the law."

Still, I have the art education I wanted.

Grow up.

I don't communicate with my parents. I left the city for the village - the birthplace of Pinchus Kremen-Stomach in Belarus.

In addition to drawing, I work as a teacher at an art school. And here's what's great, I have a place in my office to remember my "guardian angel"," ancestor " - Pinchus. I conduct excursions for adults about it and invent fairy tales for children.

I don't know how true this story is, but I still have an inspiration in life - that drawing is my purpose and vocation.

My rebellious spirit, hungry for protest, is transformed in art into everything from expressionism to abstractionism.

I want not just to draw, but to carry the sacred meaning of what is happening to life on the principle: you know yourself, you know the world.

From your audience, please: stay longer, look, feel. Everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Maria Kupko

Maria Kupko

Title 005 Title 005

Title 005

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Title 003

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Title 004

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Title 001

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Spring Spring


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Tree Tree


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Fallen Fallen


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Winter Winter


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Title 006 Title 006

Title 006

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